The Big Potato x Blockbuster pop-up store


British board games company Big Potato Games teamed up with Blockbuster to bring back the nostalgia of the VHS movie rental era and the Blockbuster store itself by making an accessible party game for anyone who has ever seen a movie. We kept the rules simple, and recreated an authentic experience by presenting the game in an enlarged clamshell VHS case. Now we just needed to let people know it existed!


We decided that the most emotive way for people to resonate with the game was to recreate an actual Blockbuster store. We made sure to faithfully recreate the look, feel and interactions of walking into one.

We stocked special racks with hundreds of genuine VHS movies from all of the previous decades (some unopened and with leaflets inside from the 90s) and purchased an original retro computer, complete with an old barcode scanner which we housed on a checkout desk which we assembled. We customized our uniform to look like genuine staff and even wore original name tags used by ex-employees of Blockbuster. We had an overpriced candy section and even a 'Quik Drop' box for depositing a cardboard movie postcard that we made. We also gave Blockbuster tote bags to anyone who purchased the game.

What was also important to us was supporting the last remaining Blockbuster in the world (in Bend, Oregon) by donating free copies of the game for them to sell. We're regularly in touch with Sandi, the store owner, and often shout out about such a wonderful establishment still being open on our social media channels and mailing list.


One of top 5 games sold at Target in 2019 


Sold out of the game at every event.


Over 100+ million organic impressions on social media.